aligning people and business to achieve success

what we do for you

Life and work throws up constant changes, some of which we can control and some we can’t; some we choose and some we feel we have no choice over. We often question ourselves, our skills and our confidence and taking time to take stock of where we are and what we want, can help us identify and make the most of the opportunities that are out there. Being able to establish the right relationships and take charge of creating our own direction involves:

understanding yourself knowing who you are, recognising your unique strengths and what drives you in your life and work

exploring your identity building personal integrity and self-esteem to enhance life and work. Recognising your purpose and using your strengths and energy to best effect

understanding differences and why you have the impact that you do. Becoming more emotionally intelligent and learning how to adapt to others to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes

creating more productive relationships influencing people and bringing them with you, developing your network and your personal or political savvy

developing the skill set that your life and work requires including thinking differently, developing new approaches, spotting opportunities and letting go

how we do it

our 1:1 coaching involves:

Working with you to resolve real issues and challenges or recurring problems

Analysing symptoms, diagnosing issues and exploring underlying causes

Finding the most appropriate technique to resolve the issue

Embedding the right behaviours for lasting change

our techniques:

Applied understanding of personality questionnaires and models of motivations and values

Outcome led facilitation


Transactional analysis