aligning people and business to achieve success

our grounded approach

Our approach to you and the business you work within will always start with real conversations. Getting to know you, what you do and what your business delivers grounds us in the reality of the challenges that you face and helps us to understand the value we can add.

Our approach relies upon our ability to build relationships quickly, engage with you and the people around you and to use our emotional and organisational intelligence to understand the interventions and influences required to help you succeed.

Our focus on working with and understanding the people and the business creates a framework of trust and a grounding of knowledge that enables us to ensure that people not only engage but also take ownership.

Our Grounded Approach is built upon foundations of:

inquisitiveness Our desire is to really understand what is happening, get under the skin of the issues and question until there are no more questions to ask. Cheryl's favourite question is, 'Why?'

challenge We love to ask the really obvious but sometimes difficult questions, to challenge thinking and assumptions and explore the 'way it's always been done'. Getting to the bottom of things is in our DNA and we thrive on exploring how to progress and move things forward.

thinking Looking at the broader context of what's going on, is what we do best - we encourage different thinking and applaud any approach that gets to grips with the real problems and enables practical decisions to be made. We love to balance the facts with the feelings involved to ensure that judgements are well rounded and outcomes considered.

creativity Our favourite approach is a blank sheet of paper - we draw out the vision, paint the ideas and explore the possibilities. With that comes our love of pushing boundaries and exploring the risks of something new and different. Adrian is often heard to say, 'Let's look at this differently...'

insight We understand the wider impact and consequence of change, transition, doing things differently and of uncovering issues. We have the perception to recognise the longer term issues and the emotional intelligence to know what to do about them. Our intuition guides us and helps us to create the right vision with others.

engaging We communicate with others using their own personal language, in order to get them on board. We know that little will be achieved unless we work with people to bring them along with us, step by step. We listen hard to every word and nuance and help others to overcome anything that will get in the way of ownership and success.

what to expect as a result of our grounded approach

Our intentions are always positive and we work with you for the greatest good - for you, your people and your business. However, we know that there will be an impact and some consequences of our Grounded Approach and we are proud to be associated with:

a few ruffled feathers... challenge, change and thinking differently are not easy for some. We have experienced this personally too and so we know how it feels. We have the results focus to know when the time is right to challenge and push, but also the sensitivity to know how to help to manage it to produce the outcomes required.

a touch of chaos... we know that when we help you to unpack the boxes and have a good look at what's inside, things won't necessarily go back in the same way. The process of change, transition and development can be a bit messy and we believe that a touch of chaos has a purpose and we have the skills to help you manage it.

a headache... we know we make peoples' heads hurt and we see this as a measure of our success. Really thinking differently and exploring things from different angles can make you dizzy, disorientated or just so inspired that your head is full to bursting. We will help you make sense of it all, work with you to overcome the pain and harness your energy to achieve your goals.

a different perspective... a bit like new glasses - things might never look the same again. A more open minded and flexible approach, increased energy and passion, heightened awareness, a fresh perspective and positive change.